Professional, therapeutic horse shoeing, is also available, on premises to horses in training or trucked in, or we will travel to your personal barn.

Paul Garrison is an Honour Graduate of four schools of horseshoeing, with 30 years of  experience.

Garrison Equine Centre

Let our experts help you to pick out that perfect equine partner today!


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Professional, Therapeutic, Horse Shoeing, also available, on premises, or will travel to your personal barn.

Honour Graduate of four schools of Horseshoeing.

30 years experience.

Garrison Equine Centre

Let our experts help you to pick out that perfect equine partner today!




You and your children will love these ponies!

Below are a selection of our ponies for sale with a brief description. 

To get a better look at a horse, click on the picture for a large photo. 

This is just a sampling of our horses. If you don't find what you are looking for, submit what you want in a request.

Thinking about buying a pony for your child?


Our ponies are great, and we will try to find the best possible child/pony match, but buying the pony is only the first step.


To get the greatest possible enjoyment:

  • Your child must continue their riding education. Get the child and the new pony off to a good start with some lessons from a professional trainer/coach. You won't regret the investment.

  • Ensure that your child is firm, calm and clear in the "aids" (signals) given to the pony. If your child does not give clear directions, then the pony cannot give a clear response. To allow a pony to do something incorrectly twice is to train him to do it  i.e. running out on a fence, not standing while being mounted.

  • Do not leave young children unattended while handling horses. This is a recipe for disaster! Very small or inexperienced children may need several lessons on a lead rope and/or longe line. You wouldn't just hand the keys to a child and tell them to drive the car alone, so don't expect to do that with a thinking breathing animal.

  • Make sure that the pony has plenty of exercise and good food as a lack of either will make him unhappy.

  • Don't feed treats by hand as this may teach the pony to nip as he begs for more.

  • You must have properly fitting tack (saddle, bridle and bit) so that riding doesn't cause the pony discomfort, which may cause him to become lame or behave badly. Your child must also ride in boots with a proper heel and a certified riding helmet. It is the law. It also just makes sense.

  • For more horse/pony care tips, ask your professional coach and/or vet and read as much as possible!  These tips apply to adults buying horses too!


14.2 hand 6 year old almost black gelding. 2 hind white socks. Very quiet. Can do lessons, trail rides, jumps, does nice circles. Great for novices. WAS $2500., now purchase for $1500. or lease for only $100. a month.

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13.2 hand coloured pony mare. 10 years old. Broke, safe and quiet. Linda says “It’s the Perfect pony”. Perfect height, Perfect temperament, Perfect sensitivity, Perfect age, Perfect colour, Perfect mind, Perfect attitude, Perfect price, Perfect Perfect Perfect!! A rare find. $3000! or lease for only $125. a month.

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815 Belleville Rd., 
RR#6 Napanee, On.
Canada, K7R 3L1
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