Professional, therapeutic horse shoeing, is also available, on premises to horses in training or trucked in, or we will travel to your personal barn.

Paul Garrison is an Honour Graduate of four schools of horseshoeing, with 30 years of  experience.

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Professional, Therapeutic, Horse Shoeing, also available, on premises, or will travel to your personal barn.

Honour Graduate of four schools of Horseshoeing.

30 years experience.

Garrison Equine Centre

Let our experts help you to pick out that perfect equine partner today!



                  TESTIMONIALS from Happy Clients!

Our clients are fantastic! Thanks for sharing your great stories about your success with our horses.
Good day! You have to put up a few pics of the 'Black' mare (as you famously called her), Hanoverian/TB... now known as Double Trouble, aka: Velvet. Love to see them in your testimonials section. She has taken the Hack Championships by storm in 2011/12...and hoping to do even more this show season. Also, her now 3 year old filly (DOB: April 18/2010), out of Watch Me, has been started and shows superb potential. Amazing mover!!! Thank you!
Bobbi-Lynn Walsh
Last year, we sold this pony (we called her "Precious") to a little girl, and her dad sent us these photos of them together!


Just a few shots taken last Sunday.

Tink's coming along nicely and Sterling is ready for the 2012 Show season. Sterling is jumping 3'3" in lessons and won the GEC school Jumper 2'6" class last Friday (his first Jumper show ever).



Hi Paul, its Breanna.
I bought a horse from you coming up on 3 years ago in April, her name is HARLEY and I thought I'd email you an update. I just want to say how much I appreciate your help and how the horse has been such a perfect fit for me. She's an Amazing Mare and I love her every day since... Since its been 3 years there is loads of updates, She enjoys hacks and jumping, I taught her to trick ride and she knows how to neck rein. We don't show. She also gave birth last May, on mother's to a wonderful Black filly named "Jazz" her real name is "All That Jazz", with an awesome personality she follows everyone around the field... Harley is pregnant again...due in June/July. She is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me... and I am glad I spent the money on her, I send all my friends your way if they need a horse. I am hoping you like the pictures of Harley and Jazz.

Thanks Breanna


Hi Paul, it's Rachel. I (well my parents LOL) bought Charlie from you last December. The sorrel 16hh gelding without a name! He had rain rot all over, and a few kinks here and there when being ridden. You we're very honest about all this, but I think Wilf, you and I all saw the potential and sane brained horse under all that! Hahah! We went to the Pink Ribbon Ride for breast cancer a few weekends ago and won 1 place for pink spirit in 120 horses!! He is a dream come true, amazing on the ground and learning very fast under saddle! He is definitely a barn favourite :) We will be competing bronze or silver next year! I attached a few pictures of us so you could see his progress. All to say thanks for selling me the best horse ever! haha :)
-p.s. any of my friends that are looking for horses, I send them your email first!!




Hi Paul,
I bought a horse from you coming up on 7 years ago in February and thought I'd email you an update. I just want to say how much I appreciate your help and how the horse has been such a perfect fit for me.

You guys were great there helping me pick my new horse, I was 12 at the time so it was a very big deal for me and you guys made it even better. Diamond is dark bay thoroughbred mare I got from you, still have her and I'm on to my second horse now. She is about 20 years old now and is still doing great. Now she helps other riders build up some confidence and still enjoy jumping and being ridden by myself and the other girls on our horse barn.
I'll attach a couple pictures too if you'd like to see.

Just wanted to say thanks again and how much I appreciate you helping me find the perfect horse.
Rachel and Diamond


Hi Paul

When and if that mare I like comes back in off lease. I would like to come and see her and buy her. I bought a 2 year cross bred gelding from you in 2003 that you told me was going to be one of those Wow horses and he certainly has been nothing short of that so I know when you say the mare is safe, safe, safe that is exactly what she is. It doesn't hurt that Diva is almost exactly the same colour and has the same paint markings as my gelding, that is just an added bonus. Look forward to hearing from you.


Michelle Cartmale


Just wanted to forward on some pics of the girls favourite new pony. They are in love. She looks like a cracker Paul! The girls feel very safe and everyone is very excited!!! Thanks for the nice pony. Lee

  If you are interested here are some of Star's recent pictures I'm sure the lady would love to see her, that wanted her. She has been doing well but hurt her knee a month ago but were back to jumping and hopefully going to show in the Jumper ring this year 3ft division. This horse has been great Paul. I'm Glad you sold her to me because this horse has so much heart that she will jump anything, and loves it, and also lets me put beginners on her. Her training has been coming along so well she now is starting to frame and listens very well. I appreciate all that you have done for me and her. It will be three years I have had her this September 23.2010. :) Anyways here are the newest pictures of her and I.
Got him hitched today for the first time. He was, of course, a good, good boy. :-) A touch green, but his usual sensible self.

Regards, J

p.s. His name is Bender now.


Dazzle is wonderful and again, I thank you for your honesty regarding her! You were wonderful to answer all my endless emails and inquiries about all the horses on your site, quickly and honestly. I appreciated that! It is always kinda scary buying site unseen, but your reputation and honesty helped me in deciding on my new grey mare from you..Thank-you, I will definitely be a repeat customer!!!



Hi Paul,

Just wanted to pass along a little video of EZ (Easy Street) (the gelding i bought from you last spring). He's awesome, we love him and he's been winning at the shows for me...thanks again. If he sells soon, I'll be back! I am also working on getting one of my student's parent's too commit to buying her a hopefully we'll be in touch soon.

Hope all is well,

Lisa and

PAUL, SHE LOVES HER! Here is a link of her story with Melody. :)


Hi Linda

I am attaching 2 photos of Carviers News “Cash” and I barrel racing last fall, make sure Paul gets to see them please. Not bad for that barely broke horse to accomplish with an old lady.



  Hey Paul,

Remember this cute guy with the rain rot on him!! First picture you took at your place for me. The others are 6 months later. I really love him now! This is me on him. Just thought you would want to see him and what he's doing now!  Love ya!  C


Hey Paul - just wanted to say hello and let you know how PeeWee is doing...I haven't had much time to ride so she's only being 'worked lightly' at the moment. The pic is of E riding her (the girl that bought the bay TB mare from you). Even over a year later I still can't believe what a nice mare she is. I bathed her with hose for the first time since I've had problem. E rode her one night when I was driving my problem! Most of the horses here have an issue about being ridden when the pony is pulling his cart!  Anyway, thanks again, I love her. E is pleased to bits with her mare...took her to a Pony Club dressage show in May and she won both her classes (with really good marks). I think she is showing again next weekend. I have a student that says she is looking for a horse, so of course I told her to go to you If she does go see you I'll make sure I can go with her.

Thanks again, J

Hi Mr Paul; I want u to know that Marley, my paint horse i got from you is wonderful. I luv him so much. we are taking the show ring by storm he is so smart we are jumping 3"9. Its really funny people talk when i enter the ring with my boy and laugh cuz hes a paint then there mouths drop cuz we place 1st every time. mom is going to buy him for me in may if u say its ok for me to keep. thank u for finding me the most amazing boy. its a p.a day today so i get to hang with him all day. Our show name is Marley and Me love R B E and Marley xxxxxx

I hope you all have a great Christmas. I still love my mare (the grulla) that I bought from you 2 years ago. I will continue to give out your name and maybe will see you in 2011 some time Paul and gang....all the best,

Cat Braunwell.

Waffles is tucked up in his new stall, munching hay and eyeing my mare in her paddock. He hauled like a trooper, and I unloaded him by myself, no problem at all when I got home seeing as there was no one around to help. He is a sensible boy.

Thanks, that was very helpful. Something to think about : ) You always seem to have good horses there and I have heard only good about your reputation.


Hey, So far I love him, he’s very kind, gentle no issues. I’ve been riding him at least 3 days a week and he’s been good every single time. Just a really nice guy and lazy like me….lol.

Hi Paul: I just wanted to thank you for selling us that fabulous 10 year old pony. Austine is on her all the time; she has ridden her all over the farm, through the forest, and on the road, and "Gingerbread" didn't even flinch. She takes good care of Austine, and they love each other. You were so right in your advice to get her a pony! Best thing we ever did! Thanks again.
And this is a testimonial about a horse we DIDN'T sell them!

Re: Paint

Too bad cause he's awfully pretty .. i must say Paul, i really appreciate your honesty.. a good many horse people i've dealt with recently will tell u anything to get rid of their horses.. my hubby and I are middle-aged and have only been riding for the past two years, though we had a horse we shared :( about 25 years ago.. she unfort. had foot problems and we didn't have her long... so decided on buying the first home and then the family came and of course we couldn't afford horses in those years but now that the kids are older (and still at home) we wanted to do something for ourselves and having horses was it... we both found "free" thoroughbreds and though they've been quite wonderful , i'm finding my boy , a 6 yr. gelding (skin and bones when he came to me) who now is healthy and quite full of himself, is alittle too much for me to handle on trails... wonderful in the arena, indoor and out but likes to prance and jig out in the fields and woods... hubby's horse, an 18 yr. thoroughbred mare, has been a good horse for him, very quiet and a 4X4 in the woods, but she's not quite 100% and has knee issues... we need a good solid , healthy, bomb-proof trail horse Paul, preferably not a thoroughbred, western trained and an easy keeper that likes to be out 24/7.. if u have any like this, please send any pics or info my way.. hopefully nothing too expensive as the two horses we have have already drained our bank account.. thanks so much for your time.... p

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